Important: While this chapbook is still going ahead, there will be indeterminate delays in publishing due to logistical issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis. We appreciate your understanding and patience, and will do our best to post updates.

Two Hauntings is a physical chapbook that will serve as a capstone to the Trouble Among The Stars project. Featuring gripping, brand new short stories by acclaimed writers and past TATS contributors Charlotte Platt and Amy LeBlanc, the book will be a deeply engaging read, and a wholly fitting celebration of what this magazine has been all about.

Two Hauntings will be made available in a single edition of 100 copies, and will be available for online ordering. The book is due to be published in August of this year, and more information will be presented shortly – I invite you to stay tuned, and to watch the skies.


Charlotte Platt is a young professional who writes horror and dark urban fantasy. She spent her teens on the Orkney Islands and studied in Glasgow before moving to the north Highlands. She lives off sarcasm and tea and can often be found walking near cliffs and rivers, looking for sea glass. Her short stories have featured in Dig Two Graves: Vol 2, The Monsters We Forgot Vol 2 and The Stuff of Nightmares. She can be found on Twitter at @Chazzaroo.

Amy LeBlanc is an MA student in English Literature at the University of Calgary. Her debut poetry collection “I know something you don’t know” was published by Gordon Hill Press in March 2020.

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