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Here’s a sample of the issue’s contents – from Gustavo Bondoni’s short story “Onward”:


The station doesn’t look like a hospital colony, and the transponder informs me that it’s essentially a transit point for families moving to the new settlements.  But that can’t be correct. The war put a halt to any new colonization years ago. And the war is still raging. I have the dead bodies of the boarding crew as evidence of this. 

Anyhow, this is beside the point.   I have long since learned not to trust my instruments.  After all, they say that I have been drifting in space for forty years.  But that is not possible. I can hear the screaming of the infected in the hold – infected that I know could only survive for six months.

I want to trust my eyes, however.  My eyes are telling me that the station has seen fit to send a shuttle to meet me.  For the first time since being left alone, the tears rolling down my cheeks are tears of joy.

We very much hope that you enjoy this third issue, and we’re looking forward to the future!

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