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Here’s a sample of the issue’s contents – the first paragraph of Russell Hemmell’s “Concert Music for Wax Fingers”:

The metallic glimmer of Sedna spaceport’s sky-reaching façade returned the image of flocks of busy travelers heading to the flight-docking nests. The whole place hummed and buzzed and teemed like a giant beehive. And yet, Raissa felt as alone as she could have possibly been. It had taken her a lot of time to decide if going or not, and even at that moment, with her hand grabbing the graphene-coated handler to step up on the platform, the fear was overwhelming.

An interstellar journey. That was where her feet were taking her, one step at a time.

We very much hope that you enjoy this second issue, and we’re looking forward to the future!

All that's new and strange. ISSN 2562-7244

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