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Here’s a sample of the issue’s contents – a portion of Mallory E. Landsmith’s suite of poems “Carnivorous Plants”:


The Venus Fly Trap

Aphrodite’s mousetrap,
amourous of flesh,
the Venus Flytrap supplements
subtropic Carolinian soils with
exo-skeleton coated protein

the leaves have hinges and hungers
not sated by nutrient-poor wetland soil
one ingenious adaption of design
hinges leaves into jaws
with bars of teeth
and in the jaws hinged
chloro-filled hairs,
movement buds,
with a two-trigger sensor

ensuring food
worth the energy of catching,
the elegantly reusable
in its construction

floral logic


We hope that you enjoy this first issue, and we’re looking forward to the future!

All that's new and strange. ISSN 2562-7244

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