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Trouble Among the Stars #6

Here’s a sample of the issue’s contents – from Laura Duerr’s To Reach the Coldest Stars:

We get to fly a hot air balloon over Napa at sunset. I couldn’t care less about the sunset or the views of the vineyards–I’m waiting for the stars. I’ve never been so high up. Will they look different?

I face east, away from the sunset, watching the horizon darken. The first handful of stars appear. Everywhere I look there’s a new star, but I can never catch them blinking to life. I’m anxious for full night.

It’s a few minutes before I realize that the balloon is going down. I beg to stay up, to go higher, to see more, but they say our time is up. I clench my jaw and stare east, burning the image of awakening stars into my memory, dreading that I’ll never see them like this again.

It is our deep and sincere hope that you enjoy this sixth and final issue of the journal. Our infinite gratitude to all of our contributors, and to everyone who has submitted, read, and been along for the ride. We remain excited for the future, and are watching the skies.

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